Home and Community Care

What is Home Care?

Homecare provides treatment, health promotion, and rehabilitative health services for band members living on reserve. Homecare services are for people of any age that assist people in staying in their own home and being with their loved ones as long as possible.

We work with other service providers to get the needed care. Services are based on a Needs Assessment. Home care does not replace the care provided by the family.

Who can get Home Care?

A person can get home care in the following situations:

  • You just came home from a hospital,
  • You are waiting for care in a long-term care home,
  • You have an illness or disease that needs follow-up,
  • You need nursing care in the home,
  • You choose to live at home instead of a long-term care home as long as it is safe,
  • You have an assessed need or disability requiring assistance to live independently, and
  • You have family and friends who need help to continue to care for you at home.

Referrals can be made by:

  • Yourself,
  • Family members,
  • Friends/neighbours,
  • Doctors,
  • Hospitals,
  • Other health professionals, and
  • Other community services.

What are the Home Care services?


  • Teaching people how to do their own care such as needles, wound care, pills.
  • Help with bathing, foot care, dressing.


  • Nurses Assessment – a Registered Nurse reviews health history and helps to plan with you the care needed,
  • Nursing care in the home and community,
  • Teaching client and family to help with
  • self-care,
  • Monitor medications,
  • Order medical equipment and supplies,
  • Speak on your behalf and referrals, and Palliative Care. 

Home Health Aides:

  • Personal care,
  • Home management, and
  • Respite services-helping caregiver to care for someone else.


Home and Community Care Program Manager

Kathy Heidecker, at 306-956-6180 or


Phone: 306-956-6100

Kinistin Wellness Clinic


Phone: 306-878-8181 

Mistawasis C.M. Ledoux Health Centre


Phone: 306-466-4720

Muskeg Lake Wellness Centre


Phone: 306-466-4914 

One Arrow Health Clinic


Phone: 306-423-5493 

Yellow Quill Health Clinic


Phone: 306-322-2041

Muskoday Community Health Centre


Phone: 306-764-6737

Whitecap Dakota Health Centre


Phone: 306-373-4600

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