STC Urban Family Services


STC Urban Family Services provides educational, intervention, and preventative services to parents, youth, and children challenged with the child welfare system, often stemming from the issues relating to contemporary urban living. 

Programs are designed to ensure that individuals and families are strengthened through the process of traditional and mainstream practices aimed to help maintain their connection to family, culture and community. 

Our values are rooted within the Medicine Wheel and Sacred Teachings, forming the foundation for our program and service delivery concepts. To honour these virtues, Elders and Cultural Advisors guide program content and support circles to instill First Nations identity, beliefs, and practices. 

Providers of Aboriginal Lifestyle Supports (PALS)

Providers of Aboriginal Lifestyle Supports are Family Support Workers that provide a range of services around family-centred strategies that include:

  • Advocating for improved conditions for families,
  • Supporting them,
  • Stabilizing those in crisis,
  • Reunifying those who are separated,
  • Building new families, and
  • Connecting families to the resources that will sustain them in the future.
  • Our goal is to help at-risk families avoid apprehension of their children by providing in-home support to achieve individual health and wellness goals. 

Creative Healing for Urban Members (CHUMs)

Creative Healing for Urban Members (CHUMs) offers holistic based healing and wellness programs that help to strengthen individuals, and families, to empower them to improve the quality of their personal and family life.

Our curriculum is designed to strengthen and heal individuals and families overcome by trauma and abuse.

Program goals focus on renewing and rejuvenating the spirit by finding a balance within oneself that involves the whole person – mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. 

Children First

Children First delivers prevention and early intervention programs to promote the health and social development of children 0-6 years of age.

Programs for Children First involves both parents and children participating together in activities that consist of positive parenting to assist in:

  • Strengthening child development,
  • Parent-child relationship,
  • Early learning/literacy development,
  • Injury and prevention, and
  • Cultural awareness.

Children First strives to improve outcomes for parents who are young, at-risk,low income, socially isolated, or new to urban living.


The vision of KidsFirst is that all children enjoy a good start in life and are nurtured by caring families and communities. 

KidsFirst is an early childhood development program offered to families who would benefit from additional child health and development and family well-being support. 

KidsFirst families receive curriculum-based training from an in-home support worker. Families are also provided support from a team of professionals, including social workers, nurses, and counsellors.

  • Referrals to KidsFirst: Families can request a referral, or be referred by other community supports or workers. For more information, or to complete an intake call: 306-655-3311.


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