Message from the Tribal Chief

I am pleased to join the STC Treaty Office as the Tribal Chief after two successful terms as Vice Chief.

At STC, we work for the seven communities whose Chiefs and Councils guide our vision and direction. Leaders and staff who have built our capacity to meet our vision are many, and without their efforts we would not have the diversity of community supports we have today.

As an STC leader and former employee who grew up in an STC community, I am driven to improve the quality of life through capacity building. I commit to bringing forward momentum with emphasis on reversing residential school effects through bridging strong cultural connections for coming generations.

My greatest commitment is helping youth excel and build their dreams through developing the gift in each child. This means working to decrease the barriers they face and increasing access to equal opportunities. I believe strongly in being a positive leadership role model.

Our growth in to a leading First Nations organization would not be possible without the support of our leaders, knowledge keepers and community members. We will continue to work together to support our nations through fostering growth and prosperity.

Chief Mark Arcand

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