About STC

Our Evolution

Established in 1982, the Saskatoon Tribal Council has transcended from a two-person operation into a successful tribal region located in the treaty six territory.  STC has grown into a major employment contributor within Saskatoon and surrounding area with over 250 employees.

As per AANDC funding, Tribal Council administration includes advisory services in the following areas: economic development; financial management; community planning; technical services; and band governance.

Our Members

The Saskatoon Tribal Council member nations span three distinct linguistic cultures being Cree, Saulteux, and Dakota/Sioux. The STC member nations include:

Each member community is an autonomous nation governed by its own Chief and Council, laws and customs.  Collectively, STC represents approximately 11,000 First Nations people from the STC region, spanning over approximately 30,000 acres of reserve land (not including TLE, Specific Claim and traditional lands).  All members are located within a 200 km radius of Saskatoon.

STC Structure

Chief and Council of seven First Nation communities join to form a governing body called Governance House to set the vision and strategic direction of STC programs and services.  This collective body represents the distinct priorities of each STC member community.

STC works collaboratively with its seven member First Nations, the City of Saskatoon, Federal and Provincial Governments, school boards and private industry to provide a multitude of programs and services to First Nations people, on and off reserve.

STC is comprised of five corporations that deliver services in the areas of children, family and community programs; education; health and wellness services; environmental and engineering services; affordable housing; labour force development; and technical and business advisory.

STC supports economic development initiatives to generate own-source revenue and create employment opportunities for First Nations.  Many of our services are offered to the residents of Saskatoon through our urban services corporation.

STC Today

STC is becoming a recognized participant in the Saskatoon community via contributions made in these important areas.  We have partnered with industry leaders to create numerous business entities and initiatives in construction management, potash, real estate, gaming industries, and continue to make sound contributions to the greater community through community development philanthropy.

Success is measured in many ways and as we continue to evolve, we are committed to development of programs, services and business development that improves the quality of life for our people.

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