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Incident Command System

STC uses the ICS Canada as a standardized response system for managing emergencies.  Learn more about this system at www.ICScanada.ca 

Emergency Response Drone

STC owns and operates a DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced for emergency responses including Search & Rescue and Wildland Fires.  The drone is equipped with a thermal-capable camera and can be accessorized with a search light, loud speaker, or night-flight beacon.

Search & Rescue

STC is working towards developing a Search & Rescue Team to increase the capacity within First Nations in Saskatchewan.  Saskatchewan already has two Indigenous Search and Rescue teams and we hope to be the third!  Stay tuned for more news on this endeavor.

Emergency Response Planner

The Emergency Response Planner is a role at STC responsible for the 5 Pillars of Emergency Management: Prevention, Mitigation, Preparedness, Response, and Recovery.  The role supports all 7 Member First Nations as well as all STC’s corporations and urban services with developing emergency plans and managing emergencies.

The Emergency Response Planner is available 24/7 to aid in responding to STC’s communities emergencies.

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