Housing and Tech


The role of Housing and Technical Services is to provide support services to the STC Member First Nations in the following areas:

Community and Capital Planning
  • Assist in capital planning and funding negotiations.
  • Coordinate community land use and infrastructure plans with 5-year planning updates.
  • Participate in project teams for major capital projects.
  • Advise and assist in contracting and engineering services.
Information Systems
  • Maintain an inventory of community facilities and assets through the Capital Asset Inventory System
  • (CAIS) and housing databases, updated annually.
  • Coordinate Asset Condition Reporting System (ACRS) with 5-year updates.
  • Update Capital Management Data Base (CMDB) annually.
  • Provide technical support to capital projects and management.
  • Annual updates of each Member First Nation’s housing map.
  • Maintain a Housing Database for each Member First Nation community, which lists each housing unit and details on that unit such as type of siding to water and sewer information. The database also shows the condition of each home, which is populated into the spreadsheets from Cyclical Inspections that STC Housing completes at each First Nation on every home on a 3-year cycle. This information is used to complete the annual Capital Management Database (CMDB) report annually..
Housing Services
  • Conduct code compliance inspections upon request for new housing and renovations.
  • Conduct CMHC “progress advance” inspections through a Fee for Service Contract with ITSC (Indigenous Technical Services Corporation). This contract is only to provide progress advances on CMHC projects. The “code compliance portion” of inspection is the responsibility of the First Nations, who then contracts STC to inspect/ ensure code is met on their behalf.
  • Maintain ongoing communication with First Nation funding agents, including CMHC and ISC, to ensure all relevant information on current, outstanding and upcoming projects/ funding is forwarded to each Housing Department.
  • Provide advisory services for the Member First Nation Housing Departments. This includes assistance with funding applications and ensuring the Member First Nations meet their deadlines.
  • Provide technical advice on construction and building design issues.
Maintenance Management
  • Advise in the maintenance of water/sewer and building systems.
  • Respond to emergency repair services requests.
  • Maintain Maintenance Management System, including records of maintenance and equipment inventories for each community.
  • Provide training and advice to Member First Nations maintenance staff.


Housing & Technical Services

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Riley Bear, Director, Housing and Technical Services

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