Employment Partnerships


SaskEnergy recognizes that the Indigenous community is an important stakeholder in creating growth and developing Saskatchewan. We encourage and foster partnerships for employment, education & training, and business development.

This partnership focuses on economic development, sustainability, governance, and capacity. The Strategic Alliance Agreement supports both organizations in achieving the strategic goals identified in their respective corporate plans: employment, education and training, and business development.

The partnership makes efforts to:

  • Create an inclusive work and business environment,
  • Create mutually beneficial outcomes,
  • Provide concrete action plans for partnership processes, and
  • Provide Aboriginal-focused actions and strategies.

This partnership has evolved and grown over the years to include procurement opportunities for First Nation-owned businesses. STC’s goal is to increase supply chain participation through extension to the STC member communities and their business entities. Over the past three years, STC Industrial Contracting has executed $4.1 million of industrial service work for SaskEnergy, generating over 51,000 Aboriginal labour hours.

The STC-SaskEnergy partnership reached its 27th anniversary in 2022.


In 2012, SaskPower implemented an Indigenous Procurement Policy enablingIndigenous communities and businesses to participate in their major projects. In 2015, they established an Indigenous Procurement Standard and dedicated an implementation team to this initiative.

SaskPower has several master service agreements, standing supply agreements and other significant contracts with Indigenous suppliers that cover nearly the entire geographic area of Saskatchewan, including STC Industrial Contracting.

Nutrien (PotashCorp)

In October of 2011, Saskatoon Tribal Council and Nutrien (PotashCorp) signed a Memorandum of Understanding designed to increase opportunities for STC First Nations to engage in the Potash industry through employment training and business. To date, PotashCorp has generously contributed over $3.4 million to support STC program and service delivery, targeting children and youth development.

The Partnership took a significant step forward in 2016 when Nutrien announced its Building Strategic Partnerships and developed its Aboriginal Content Playbook. Nutrien is taking its commitment to Indigenous engagement to a new level.

The company has committed to allocating 30 per cent of its local capital maintenance spend to Indigenous suppliers or suppliers who share Nutrien’s commitment to Aboriginal participation. Nutrien spends over $365 million in the province of Saskatchewan annually; a 30 per cent share of that amount, dedicated to Aboriginal business participation, represents $109 million annually. STC’s goal is to help Nutrien reach its Indigenous procurement participation objective by 2020 through the STC Legacy Partnership strategy outlined in the STC Industry Playbook.

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