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The Community Health Program aims to improve the holistic health of First Nations people and support healthier communities through effective and efficient delivery of programs and services while working collaboratively to enhance community capacity.

The core values are client service excellence, holistic caring, primary health care, community participation, empowerment, and health. Health is viewed as a dynamic physical, mental, spiritual, and social well-being process.

Health includes self-determination, the realization of hopes and needs, and a sense of connection to the community. Health is considered a resource of everyday life influenced by circumstances, beliefs, and health determinants.

The Community Health Program offers:

Communicable Disease Registered Nurse

  • Assist with service delivery, assessment, implementation, and evaluation of the communicable disease, sexual health, and harm reduction programs within our Member First Nations.

COVID Nurses

  • Provide support in all areas related to COVID19 pandemic response, including vaccination, contact tracing, and testing within Member First Nations.

Know Your Status Program

  • This is a prevention through education program with objectives to improve HIV prevention and intervention, decrease stigma, and provide culturally based education to increase knowledge and decrease high-risk behaviours for transmitting HIV and Hepatitis C.
  • The program also creates linkages to care in rural and urban centres and increases capacity and accessibility to testing, treatment, and care.
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Tuberculosis (TB) Program

  • The focus of the Central TB program is on the prevention of TB and the promotion of wellness in communities through the support of local community nurses and TB Program workers.

Maternal Child Health & FASD Program

  • This program provides second level programming, technical and administrative assistance, and support to a team of front-line service providers who provide:
    • Home visiting, screening, assessments, and referrals.
    • Case management services for mothers, their children, and their families,
    • Access and linkages to community-based services, resources, and programs.


Community Health Program
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