Governance Principles

Education Board of Directors

The Education Board of Directors is the Chiefs of the seven-member nations who represent Governance House.

Governance Principles

Through consultation with communities, Saskatoon Tribal Council Education Corporation (STCEC)has adopted the following governance principles to guide its operation:

  • Accountability nâkatêyimowêwin kwayakwātišiwin
  • Transparency sâpohwâpahcikâtêwin kwayakwātišiwin
  • Responsiveness naskwâhamowin šēmāk nakwētank kēmā tōtank
  • Stability tâpiskôc ê-watapîwihk papahkihayāwin
  • Equity mânacihtowin mino-wīcihitiwin
  • Standardization pêyakwan isi-ayâwin mino-tōtamowin
  • Flexibility tâpiskôc nîpisîya wēwēni mamācīnk
  • Innovation kwêskîtôtâmowin kwayakwātišiwin
  • Efficiency kâskihawisowin wīnkēšiwin
Responding to Change

While this continuous response to changes in the learning environment creates opportunities for STCEC in this new exciting phase of Education Transformation, it also creates challenges.

STCEC’s strategic directions are provided through Governance House, STC’s Board of Directors, and STCEC Technical Working Group. This group communicates the strategic priorities of communities and oversees the fulfillment of these priorities.

Saskatoon Tribal Council is committed to improving the quality of life for our members, and we are looking for individuals who want to make a difference in their community.

Our dedicated staff delivers a wide range of services to our seven-member First Nations and urban First Nations within the city of Saskatoon, including health care, justice, educational support, child and family services, mental health supports, housing, training & skills development…and much more.

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