Early Childhood Development Program

Early Childhood Development Program

The Early Child Development Program assists STC Member First Nations in developing and maintaining Child Care and Head Start programs that support early childhood development and family needs.


  • Member First Nations Child Care Centers provide services for children aged six months to 12 years whose parents or guardians are employed, enrolled in post-secondary education, or seeking employment. Each childcare center is licensed for a specific number of infants, toddlers, preschool children, and school-age children, depending on the size of their facility. Fees are charged for monthly services.
  • Member First Nations Head Start Programs provide programming for families with children from birth to six years, based on six components: Culture and Language, Family involvement, Nutrition, Education and School Readiness, Health Promotion, and Social Support. They provide center-based programs for 3 and 4-year-old children, with additional services to support families. Head Start is provided free of charge to families.
The Early Childhood Development Program provides the following supports and services:
  • Ongoing program monitoring, licensing, and reporting to support staff in following First Nations Early Learning Facility Regulations, Environmental Public Health requirements, and Nutrition Guidelines;
  • Supporting the use of culturally based, play-centered programming;
  • Organizing and/or providing workshops for professional development;
  • Assisting in accessing post-secondary training opportunities;
  • Links to other STC programs for related services – EPH Manager, Nutritionists, Mental Health, Technical Services, Jordan’s Principle, Finance, and Nursing;
  • Mentoring/coaching for all program staff;
  • Planning for future program development.
In addition, the Early Child Development Program Manager is STC’s representative to the following:
  • First Nations Early Childhood Circle FSIN’s Advisory Committee on Early Child Development Program matters; and
  • Saskatchewan Aboriginal Head Start Council with the AHSUNC Directors.


Erica Stevenson,

Early Childhood Development Manager

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