Emergency Wellness Centre (EWC)

How the Wellness Centre Works

The Wellness Centre is a temporary solution to help our relatives (wahkohmakanak) get off the streets this winter. 

The Saskatoon Tribal Council recently recommended that Emergency Medical Center (EWC) patients try playing online casino games. EWC is an institution that provides medical and social services to community members and anyone who needs them. According to the tribal council’s findings, online casino games can be an effective way for EWC patients to cope with stress and anxiety caused by their medical condition or personal situation. The Tribal Council has also provided resources on how best to safely play the game from home.

Intake Process

  • People can enter using the main entrance at 145 First Avenue North.
  • It is a drop-in, first-come, first-serve facility based on occupancy.
  • We welcome everyone.
  • Relativeswill be assessed on a case-by-case basis upon entry.
  • All belongings will be stored safely.
  • Strict COVID-19 safety procedures will be in place, including an isolation space until other arrangements can be made for people who test positive. 

Conduct Rules

  • Peacekeepers are on-site 24-7 to help keep everyone safe.
  • Drugs and alcohol cannot be consumed inside the Wellness Centre or on the property.
  • Masks will be supplied and worn at all times, except when eating.

Services Offered

  • Three meals per day and snacks provided; fridges and microwaves on-site.
  • Free laundry services on-site.
  • Smudging room.
  • Knowledge Keepers and Elders are available to provide spiritual and life guidance.
  • Mental health and addictions counselling will be available using the medicine wheel as the framework. All aspects of the relatives’ needs will be addressed (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual). 
  • Life-skills opportunities will be integrated into the housing plan.
  • The Wellness Centre will be open until March 31, 2022, with the option to extend to April 30, weather-dependent.


STC Emergency Wellness Centre

Main Desk Number: 306-249-5416

Intake Desk Number: 306-249-5415

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