Water Quality Monitors

STC Water Quality Monitors

Access to safe and reliable drinking water is essential to individual and population health. The STC Safe Drinking Water Safety Program supports access to safe drinking water by partnering with Member First Nation communities.

As part of the Drinking Water Safety Program team, the STC Water Quality Monitors are responsible for:

  • Sampling and testing community treated water systems and individual drinking water systems for bacteriological parameters
  • Collecting, recording and reporting water results to Member First Nations using current database management systems
  • Sampling community treated water and untreated individual and community wells for chemical, physical and radiological parameters as listed in the Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality Guidelines.
  • Providing basic drinking water education to occupants
  • Communicating with the EPHPM related to any observed individual well or cistern condition or safety concerns
  • Communicating with community water and public works personnel to gather needed information about the drinking water systems.


STC Water Quality Monitors

Brenda Tawpisin

Phone: (306) 956-6100

Kurt Daniels

Phone: (306) 956-6100 

Kristen Daniels

Phone: (306) 956-6100 

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