Urban Justice Programs

Alternative Measures and Extrajudicial Sanctions

The program is referral-based for adults and youth.

Alternative measures/extrajudicial sanctions programs provide effective, efficient ways of resolving disputes that involve communities in developing culturally sensitive services to promote healing and reparation. They are also a way to address crime in conjunction with the criminal justice system.

Opikinawasowin (Reintegration) Program

The program is referral-based for ages 12-24.

Program mentors support and link youth and young adults to resources and support networks within the community. The program is designed to support and assist Relatives in accessing appropriate rehabilitative services to reduce the risk of gang involvement and re-offending.

Indigenous Court Worker Program

Court Workers provide information to Relatives in and out of custody and offer information on their charges and options. The Court Workers also offer resources/ information that will assist Relatives in making an informed decision.

Court Workers will appear on behalf of a Relative if an emergency arises. This service is only offered if given 24 hours’ notice. (see Court Worker Intake Form)

Reintegration at Saskatoon Correctional Centre (SCC) (Pilot Project)

Referrals come from the Saskatoon Correctional

Pilot Project formed in 2020 that works with Relatives in the SCC Urban Camp, Men’s and Women’s Reintegration Units. The program’s goal is to guide our Relatives in a wrap-around holistic approach and connect them to services such as housing, education, employment, mental health, addictions, culture, etc.


Justice Programs are referral-based:

  • Referrals come from Crown Prosecutor, Police/RCMP for Alternative Measures/Extrajudicial Sanctions (Mediation).
  • Referrals for Opikinawasowin (Reintegration) Program come from Saskatoon Probation Officers.


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