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STC Emergency Wellness Centre Contact Information

  • 415 Fairmont DR, Saskatoon, SK, S7K 1W6
  • Hours of Operation: 24hrs/7 days a week until further notice
  • Total number of beds nightly: 46 Family Beds: 12 Non-Binary Individuals: 4 Female: 12 Male: 18
  • Main entrance access, drop-in, first-come, first-serve facility.
  • Sawēyihtotān Outreach is available to transport relatives needing assistance to the Emergency Wellness Centre.
  • Service expansion and updated information will be provided when available.
  • EWC Reception number: 306-249-5426
  • Intake Desk Number: 306-249-5415
  • Fax Line: 306-249-5460

STC Sawēyihtotān Mobile Services Outreach

  • Hours of Operation: Monday to Friday from 9 am-12 am; Saturday & Sunday from 4 pm-12 am.
  • During Cold Weather Strategy activation, Sawēyihtotān Outreach can be expanded until 3 am.
  • Contact Numbers: 306-380-0835 and 306-381-4917.

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