Emergency Response Planner

Emergency Response Planner (ERP)

The Emergency Response Planner (ERP) is responsible for STC’s Emergency Management Program. The ERP provides advice, support and guidance to the seven STC member nations and all five STC corporations and their programs/locations.

Pillars of  Emergency Management

Emergency Management includes five functions known as the Pillars of Emergency Management (Figure 1)

  1. Prevention
    Activities are undertaken to reduce or eliminate the likelihood of a hazard occurring.
  2. Mitigation
    It can be structural or non-structural and includes activities that reduce the severity or impact of a hazard.
  3. Preparedness
    This includes any measures undertaken to be ready to respond to a hazard should it occur and can contribute to mitigating the impacts after and while it occurs.
  4. Response
    The actions and decisions from the point of hazard occurrence until the threat to life, safety, property, reputation, and business operations are over.
  5. Recovery
    Often overlapping with response, recovery is the process of returning to pre-disaster conditions, or even better, “building back better” to increase resiliency to future hazards.

    The Emergency Response Planner is in charge of assessing risks associated with each community/program and developing measures to reduce the likelihood or severity of impacts.

    Additionally, they develop plans and other preparedness procedures to ensure the health and safety of staff, clients, communities, properties, and resources and the reputation and the continuity of operations of the organizations.

Figure 1 – 5 Pillars of Emergency Management

The Incident Command System

STC Emergency Management uses a system of organized response known as the Incident Command System. This structure ensures universal organization and terminology and ensures that all those involved in the response are clear on their role, the flow of information, and the plans/goals of response. Learn more about ICS at www.icscanada.ca


Incident Command System Diagram

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