Integrated Wellness


The Integrated Wellness program is the combined services of the Living Well Program and the Community Addictions Prevention Program. It is designed to support and guide our Member First Nations’ relatives through their mental wellness and addictions journeys.

These services are formed around a holistic approach that encompasses each segment of the medicine wheel (mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual) to ensure respect for our relatives’ culture, language, and safety.

Available Supports and Services

  • Pre-treatment and assessment,
  • Referral services, including referrals to First Nations Elders and Healers for Traditional Support,
  • Counselling services (child, youth, adult, and family),
  • Intervention,
  • Crisis intervention,
  • Case management,
  • Follow-up services,
  • Aftercare program,
  • Prevention/Education/Workshops,
  • Alternatives activities program/Harm Reduction,
  • Talking and healing circles,
  • Program Planning,
  • Community and individual critical incident debriefing,
  • Wellness groups, and Suicide intervention and follow-up.

Who’s eligible?

Anyone across the lifespans experiencing mental wellness or addictions concerns can access these programs.


Kinistin Wellness Clinic at 306-878-8181

Mistawasis Health Clinic at 306-466-4720

Muskeg Lake Cree Nation at 306-466-4914

 Muskoday Wellness Clinic at 306-764-6737

One Arrow Health Clinic at 306-423-5493

Whitecap Health Clinic at 306-477-0908

Yellowquill Health Clinic at 306-322-2041

STC Mental Health Manager at 306-956-6100

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