STCEC Strategic Plan

Building on our vision of a member First Nations led education system, a Strategic Plan has been developed. The plan respects each First Nations’ autonomy and guides our work in support of children, families, and community as our education system is implemented over the next five years. Areas of special emphasis include a focus on wellbeing and wellness; realigning and improving second level services; committing to Indigenous education; ensuring decisions are based on best interests of students; and support academic success.

The strategic plan goals are to:
  • Focus on wellness and well-being
  • Realign and improve 2nd level services
  • Commit to an Indigenous education system
  • Make decisions based on the best interests of students
  • Support academic success

The strategic plan was crafted based on the voice of our membership.  It is developed as a road map to improve the well-being of our STC member Nations children and youth – it is a plan developed for our First Nations communities, by our First Nations communities.

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