The EWC is Helping Families- Anthony’s Story

Mar 4, 2024

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Anthony has seen firsthand how the Saskatoon Tribal Council is changing lives.

“My mom was in here and the staff helped her find a new home. She got her own place and EWC even helped with furniture,” Anthony said.

The 19-year-old was staying with his mother in the family pod at the EWC before she moved to her own space. Anthony has aged out of the family pod and is currently housed in the men’s pod.

“I really enjoy it here. My support workers take me out to eat and talk about my stay here. They take me swimming and workout, it is great to know they have programs being offered,” Anthony explained.

Anthony has been at the EWC for 6 months and points out the Employment and Training Services offered have really made a difference.

“They help you build a resume and help you take the next step. I would love to work in construction,” Anthony said.

Anthony’s hope is to follow in his mother’s footsteps and be back on his feet possibly by April.

“The EWC staff helped me get on the SIS program and I hope to be in my own place soon,” Anthony said. “There is nothing I would change here. Everything is on track. What I like is that everything is very secure here, my belongings in the bin area are kept safe. At other places, you have to sleep on your belongings in order to make sure no one digs in it.”

Anthony admits he was very surprised when he first arrived when he noticed how calm everyone and the building was.

“When I first arrived I thought it was going to be like hell but you guys have really done a great job setting this place up,” Anthony said with a smile.




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