STC celebrates 40th Anniversary

Feb 23, 2022

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Message from Tribal Chief Mark Arcand

We are grateful to all the previous Member Nation Chiefs, Tribal Chiefs, and Vice chiefs that have built a solid foundation over the past 40 years by setting our direction and guiding us toward harmony and success. I am honoured to have the current position of Tribal Chief to continue and enhance their work.

Forty years of improving the quality of life for our Relatives. By coming together united in common goals such as enacting truth and reconciliation, providing solutions to systemic issues like homelessness, supporting health and wellness, and partnering in economic development, we build community and strengthen relationships to move forward in a good way.

Many of our initiatives are Indigenous-led solutions for everyone who needs it. STC is proud to lead by example and help our community. We need to be looking for long-term strategies investments to keep people safe and healthy.

We are committed to moving forward with the initiatives our Chiefs have directed us to undertake. As I have said on many occasions, our work would not be possible without the support of our leaders, knowledge keepers and community members. We will continue to work together to support our First Nations through fostering growth and prosperity.

> Saskatoon Tribal Council (STC) Tribal Chief Mark Arcand

40 years of Improving Quality of Life

February 23, 2022, Saskatoon Tribal Council (STC) celebrates 40 years of improving the quality of life for all our Relatives.

It all started with our Vision guiding our way, saying that by gathering together, honouring the past, building the future; Saskatoon Tribal Council is a catalyst for success.

Our Vision informs our Mission that STC is dedicated to creating a respectful environment that inspires and encourages innovation and leadership while building and strengthening partnerships with communities, individuals and organizations.

Finally, STC is guided by the Values of Fairness, Integrity, Respect, and Excellence, packaged in the acronym FIRE. These values are instilled in all we do, enlightening our culture.

Supported and inspired by our Vision, Mission, Values, Leadership, Employees, and Partners, STC was set to operate for 40 years successfully.

Indigenous-led Sustainability

Saskatoon Tribal Council has transcended from a two-person operation into a thriving organization and network located in the Treaty 6 Territory. STC has become a significant employment contributor within Saskatoon and the surrounding area, operating five corporations, with almost 500 employees

STC improves the quality of life of First Nations, living on and off-reserve, through mutually beneficial partnerships with community organizations and industry. Opportunities for improved living are accessed through health, safety, economic development, education programs and services, and community financial investments. Acting as a representative body for seven First Nations, STC is governed by the Chiefs of the seven-member First Nations.

STC is an Indigenous-led organization for Indigenous people. We aim to improve the quality of life for our people and, by extension, everyone.

Our Members Guide Us

STC represents approximately 14,000 First Nations members of seven member communities, all located within 250 km of Saskatoon, and 20,000 First Nations people in Saskatoon. The member nations span three distinct linguistic cultures of Cree (Nêhiyawetan), Saulteaux (Nakawe), and Dakota.


STC 40th Anniversary – Historical Timeline Part 1

First, we thought we would take you down memory lane through a historical timeline outlining STC’s significant milestones and achievements since February 23, 1982. If you don’t see a milestone below, chances are we will feature it in future posts.

Download STC Historical Timeline Part 1

You can download and share the STC 40th Anniversary – Historical Timeline Part 1 in JPG and PDF format.

Photos of STC Historical Milestones

There are many more photos to come as we celebrate our 40th this year.

Dakota Dunes Casino official opening

Dakota Dunes Casino is located on Whitecap Dakota First Nation and is owned by all seven STC Member Nations.

Potash President Bill Doyle presents donation to White Buffalo Youth Lodge

Former Tribal Chief Joe Quewezance in front of STC logo commissioned by SaskEnergy in honour of him serving on the SaskEnergy Board of Directors.

PM Justin Trudeau meets Seven Member Nation Chiefs during STC 35th Anniversary

White Buffalo Youth Lodge Carnival

The STC Education Team participates in a Reconciliation walk.

The Future is Yours Expo 2016

Legacy Partners at the STC 2018 Assembly at Muskeg Lake Cree Nation.

Chief Mistawasis Bridge official opening

Saskatoon Blade Night Buddies Partnership

STC ran a Covid Vaccination Clinic from April to July 2021 at SaskTel Centre.

STC made history by integrating Indigenous protocols and ceremonies into the opening and closing of the 2021 Olympic Curling Trials for the first time.

Team Jones received a star blanket from STC at the curling trial closing ceremonies. They took it to the Beijing Olympics and featured it on their social media, thanking STC.

STC opened a temporary Emergency Wellness Centre to support our homeless Relatives.

Today marks the beginning of a year-long celebration

Today is only the start of many posts and festivities planned throughout the year. Stay tuned because we will share more posts, historical timelines, photos, and events on our website and social media.

Earmark on your calendar – July 12-14 for a celebratory pow-wow taking place at Gordie Howe Park in Saskatoon. More details to come!

We look forward to celebrating with you 40 years of improving the quality of life for all our Relatives.

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