Orange Banner Project unveiled

Sep 26, 2022

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The Orange Banner project has been unveiled.

More than 250 banners honouring the survivors of the residential school system now adorn downtown Saskatoon.

The banners are meant to open the discussion regarding residential schools as we work together towards reconciliation. It’s also a pledge to the survivors and victims that they will never be forgotten.

“There is a reason there are no logos on the banners. This is about the people. About the survivors, the victims and the generations of people affected by the residential school system,” Tribal Chief Mark Arcand said.

The orange Banner project is a partnership between the Saskatoon tribal Council, the City of Saskatoon, and the federal government. The banners will remain posted past October.

“We wanted to reach as many people in our city as possible with this initiative,” says Mayor Charlie Clark. ” We hope that people will make some time to walk along a piece of the route and take in the messages and reflect on them. This is an opportunity to continue building awareness and to create a sense of community since Truth and Reconciliation is up to all of us.”

“Education is the key to understanding the truth and the devastating legacy of Residential Schools. I encourage all Canadians to learn and participate in awareness events like those organized by the Saskatoon Tribal Council and other Indigenous organizations across the country; it is an important step towards building a reconciled country for all.” The Honourable Marc Miller, Minister of Crown-Indigenous Relations conveyed.


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