Accomplishments inside the Emergency Wellness Center

Mar 6, 2024

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Sitting inside a small boardroom inside the Saskatoon Tribal Council’s Emergency Wellness Center, Doug quickly opened a binder which was protecting his latest accomplishment. His smile filled with pride as he revealed the certificate announcing he had received his GED.

“They helped me get this. This is very cool. I believe I’m the only one here to have obtained this while at the EWC,” Doug explained. “The reason I came to STC is because there was so much going on at home and it would have destroyed my education. I looked at the wellness that was offered and realized that I would qualify because of what I was going through.”

Doug has called the EWC home since October 2023 and points out the programs being offered including those that help maintain a healthy lifestyle.

“There are swimming programs and a number of programs that allow you to earn a ticket. It is the best way to earn a job in the future,” Doug said.

He points out the safety factor inside the EWC.

“I sleep very well here. The community holds power as well, its part of our wellness and part of our responsibility as relatives. The staff keep the peace and we as relatives have the ability to make the peace,” Doug explained.

Doug will be looking for work in the future which may include enlisting in the armed forces but living at the EWC has opened his eyes to possibilities.

“I’m starting to feel that being here is my purpose. Homelessness touches everyone,” Doug added. “Everyone is welcome here, Indigenous and non Indigenous people. As a First Nations person you take everyone under your wing and that’s what we do here.”



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