STCI Economic Development update

Sep 1, 2022

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As a member of the Saskatoon Tribal Council (STC) our community engages in economic development through our co-ownership of the STC Industrial Group (STCI) with the other STC member nations. STCI is a 100% First Nations owned group of businesses based in Saskatchewan that provides a number of services to the industrial and commercial sectors throughout the province.

STCI was founded in 2017 with the goal of working together with all groups in Saskatchewan to provide professional industrial services to the industry while creating quality careers for our people, and economic development for our communities. The Saskatoon Tribal Council has a long history of strong industry relationships within Saskatchewan, and the creation of STCI enabled participation in the economy where many First Nations simply were unable to participate in the past.

The group of companies began initially with STC Industrial Contracting, which focused on field based structural, mechanical, piping and electrical services. In 2020 the group added it’s second business through the acquisition of Keys Welding Service (KWS). KWS was originally founded in 2008 and is an established service provider for fabricated steel, piping, helical piles, mobile welding services, and more.

All STCI companies hold Certificates of Recognition from the Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association for their strong safety programs, as well as numerous technical certifications for the provision of their services. We invite you to reach out to these businesses for support on your next project.


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