SIGA Donates $100,000 to Emergency Wellness Centre

Mar 15, 2023

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Today Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority President and CEO Zane Hansen donated $100,000 to Saskatoon Tribal Council’s Emergency Wellness Centre. Tribal Chief Mark Arcand received the donation during a press conference at the EWC.

“Homelessness is a community problem and SIGA wants to be part of the solution. Stepping up to help the relatives at the EWC is the right thing to do. We commend STC for their steps and are proud to work with STC on expanding the help provided to the relatives.” SIGA President and CEO Zane Hansen said.

The $100,000 donation is the largest single donation the EWC has received since opening its doors. This money will be used for the nutritional program, currently EWC spends just over $50,000 a month on food to feed the relatives.

“This donation will go a long way to help with operating costs for the EWC. We are funded for 106 individuals but since we opened we are helping more than that in our overflow, it’s organizations like SIGA that help us make a big difference in the community,” Tribal Chief Mark Arcand commented.

The EWC which is located at 415 Fairmont Drive has served a capacity of 106 relatives since opening. Relatives at the EWC are receiving housing, food, mental health, and addictions support as well as assistance with their medical needs.


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