Mona’s Story

Jun 19, 2024

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From Addiction to Advocacy: A Journey of Transformation and Hope: Mona’s Story

Saskatoon, SK — For many, the journey from addiction to sobriety is a path fraught with unimaginable challenges. Mona’s story, highlights the profound struggle and ultimate triumph over addiction, demonstrating the crucial role of community support in recovery.

A Downward Spiral

Mona’s descent into addiction began unexpectedly. “Before all that happened, I had my two little kids with me, and we had an apartment,” she recalls. “I was sober. I just ended up meeting the wrong people and got into drinking and then getting into drugs. It just ended up being where I hit rock bottom real fast.” The swift decline led to losing her home and children, leaving her homeless in November 2020. Survival on the streets brought new challenges, including an addiction to crystal meth and the harsh realities of living with psychosis.

Finding Hope

Despite the darkness, a beacon of hope emerged when Mona learned about an STC Emergency Wellness Center opening downtown. “A friend told me about it, and I went there. I got a bed but gave it up for a lady who needed it more,” Mona recounts. This act of kindness was a turning point. The following day, she secured a bed for herself, marking the beginning of her recovery journey.

Support and Recovery

At the STC Emergency Wellness Center, Mona connected with support workers who played a pivotal role in her recovery. “Lindsay, my support worker on site, helped me get into treatment. I told her I wanted to turn my life around, and she got me into a 28-day program.” Completing this program was a significant milestone, leading to her transition into sober living.

Mona’s journey wasn’t without setbacks. While waiting to enter sober living, she relapsed. “I was mad at myself because I was 28 days clean, and I screwed up,” she admits. Yet, this relapse only strengthened her resolve. “I bounced back up, and it made me stronger. Now, I’m 10 months sober.”

Inspiring Others

Today, Mona works with STC’s Outreach Team, using her experience to inspire others struggling with addiction. “People I used to use with see me as a worker, and it inspires them. Some come up to me and say, ‘I’m ready. What did you do to get where you’re at?'” Her transformation is a beacon of hope for many, showing that support is available and change is possible.

Future Goals

Mona’s accomplishments include graduating with her grade 12 diploma from Saskatchewan Polytechnic, graduating from various other programs, and reconnecting with her family. “I graduated on May 28th getting my grade 12, and got 15 certificates in parenting classes and other programs,” she proudly shares. Her goals are clear: “I want to work in mental health and wellness. The best workers are those with experience.”

A Message of Hope

For those doubting the value of support programs or struggling with addiction, Mona offers powerful advice: “Once you’re ready to change your life and overcome the fear of living again, it’s going to work. Give it a chance and see for yourself.”

Mona’s story is a testament to the power of community support and personal resilience. As she continues her journey.



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