Former Wellness Centre resident set to give back

Nov 2, 2022

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Don Campbell had a simple message when he contacted the Saskatoon Tribal Council.

“I want to thank you. Without you I wouldn’t be here,” the long time Saskatoon resident said.

Campbell turned to the Emergency Wellness Centre for help after his wife Barb died in February. Doctors suggested he seek help from a shelter so he turned to the EWC.

“The staff were incredible. They treat you with compassion and so much respect, they treat you like a human. No one wants to be homeless and at the Wellness Centre there are all types of people and everyone is treated right,” Campbell said.

Campbell called the EWC home from February until July when through STC and Saskatchewan housing he was able to find a new place to call his own.

“During the time at the shelter I was able to get my dignity back. If you look around my place, it’s not big or special but it is mine and something I am proud of,” Campbell said. “I see people are upset that STC is moving the Wellness Centre but it’s a larger building and more people can be helped. Homeless people need the help and the Tribal Council is doing the right thing.”

Campbell is now preparing a resume as he looks for work and wants to help others in the community.

“I want to show my gratitude by giving back. I am so grateful for what STC has done and continues to do for me.” Campbell said.

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