Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Development

Member First Nations’ Child Care Centers provide services for children aged six months to 12 years whose parents or guardians are employed, enrolled in post-secondary education, or seeking employment. Each Childcare Center is licensed for a specific number of infant, toddler, preschool children, and/or school-age children, depending on the size of their facility. Fees are charged for monthly services.

Member First Nations Head Start Programs and STC’s Urban Aboriginal Headstart Program provide programming for families with children aged birth to six years, based on six components: Culture and Language, Family Involvement, Nutrition, Education and School Readiness, Health Promotion, and Social Support. They provide center-based programs for three and 4-year-old children, with additional services to support families, including home visits, workshops, training, and Facebook programming. Head Start is provided free of charge to families.


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Early Childhood Development.

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